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Pin-up Gallery is the official art gallery of Pin-up Land™ and features the art of Archie Dickens and other Pin-up artists. It is a gallery for original pin-up art, pinup prints and pin-up books. The Pin-up Gallery features the art of Archie Dickens as seen throughout Pin-up Land™. It also includes a free museum which provides some of insight into pin-up art generally.

About our Gallery:

Our Pinup Art Gallery focuses on the works of Archie Dickens and other artists who have drawings and paintings used to illustrate Pin-up Land. We sell original drawings and painting, prints and books all featuring pinup artist.

About Pin-up Land::

Pin-up Land™ is designed to bring Pin-up girls to life. It is the world's first XXX adult theme park. At the Pin-up Land™ amusement park, we want every type pin up girl you've dreamed about to come to life for you on our site.

Our Pin-up Girls wear all the cute costumes, and we cater to every fantasy.

However, our Pin-ups aren't good girls. They are all dirty sluts and are seen both fully nude and in sex action.

Pin-up Land™ features:

  • 12 fantasy lands with every type of adult fantasy including pin up girls of every type
  • Hot Pin-ups, Models, Porn Actresses and young hotties fully nude and in sex action.
  • 1000s of Videos and Photographs of of our pin up girls in full action
  • Amateur Contests featuring naughty Pinup girls
  • Amazing Pin-up Art by famous Pin-up artists like Archie Dickens
  • A beautifully designed and innovative website produced in Los Angeles, California and Europe.

Archie Dickens (1907 - 2004):

Archie Dickens attended the Slade School of Art in London and became a free-lance commercial artist in the 1930s. Pin-up was just coming into vogue. Archie yearned to paint girlie art but needed to help support his family.
He emigrated to New Zealand in 1937 and joined an advertising agency in Auckland. There he painted his first pin-up. In 1939, war broke out and feeling that it was to his advantage, Archie sailed to Australia where he was hired by a very up-to-date studio in Sydney. His pin-ups were soon in great demand. After some time, he was compelled to join the Australian Army, so his art work was put aside for awhile.

At the end of the war he married an Australian girl and moved back to London where he produced saucy pictures - "that were never too rude" - full time.

An Englishman from the old school, Archie Dickens' fondness for lovely young innocents in not-so-innocent situations has delighted pin-up enthusiasts throughout the world for several generations. Angelic faces with devilish designs was the hallmark of this illustrator.

Other Artists

Jay Scott Pike was born in Philadelphia in 1924. Scott became known for his Pin-ups replacing Art Frahm as the calander artist of A. Fox Company. He is renown for his exotic nudes which increased in popularity when they appeared at the Playboy Club. Scott lives in Florida and still love painting Pin-ups and Nudes.

Gil Elvgren was and continues to be one the most popular pin-up artists the world has ever known. Approximately a quarter of a million people worldwide have already viewed the works of all seventy-seven artists of this genre through the book "The Great American Pin-up". If they were asked to cast a vote for top artist, I am certain that Elvgren would receive the clear majority.


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